How to Tape a Fungo Bat: Tips For The Beginners

how to tape a fungo bat

Every good batter learns their trade using a fungo bat so learning how to tape a fungo bat for its preservation is crucial. Taking care of your bats and ensuring their durability is a vital part of any baseball player’s repertoire. A good bat that has been well taken care of can guarantee winning performances for many consecutive games and become even a lucky charm of sorts. So it is important to know how to preserve and possibly prolong the lifespan of your bats. This will ensure that you will get the best out of your bat for as long as possible. After all, being able to take good care of yours equipment is part and parcel of the game. And that is also what separates the best from the rest.

One of the very first bats that any player will play with is a fungo bat. All beginner players start out with a simple, wooden fungo bat. Fungo bats are great for amateur batting practice. They are also great for coaching and fielding practice. Fungo bats can easily become a beginner or amateur’s best friend in no time. Players starting out can toss a ball into the air straight up, and then use the long fungo bat to hit the ball. This is the most simple, yet effective form of practice any youngster can do in order to better his batting skills. Over time, however, even the fungo bat starts to wear, and it starts to show signs of the beatings it has taken. Therefore, it is important to give it some protection and to know how to tape a fungo bat.

To protect a fungo bat, you have to tape the bat. There are many confusions regarding the best possible methods to tape a fungo bat, but one thing is for sure. Taping a fungo bat is necessary to prolong its lifespan, as the wood may start to split at the grains. The suggested method is to tape the bat on the fat end. Start about an inch above the bat’s manufacturer line or trademark logo. Create a line off and wrap it around the bat. Keep moving the tape towards the end of the bat as you always want the tape to go in one direction. If you make a mistake and tape one layer higher than the previous one, unwind and cut off the erroneous part. Any creases or bumps in the taping pattern will create weak spots in the bat and alter the way the ball comes off the bat.

Another vital thing to keep in mind regarding how to tape a fungo bat is to tape in only one direction, and always keep your tape taut. Keep the tape pulled back and wrap it over as thin and tight as possible without causing it to tear. Keep on taping the bat in this way until all the way up to about an inch from the end of the bat. Cut the tape here to finish of the first layer. Go back up the barrel and begin a second layer of tape going in the same downward direction. You should start at approximately the same place as the previous layer, or slightly higher and make sure to wrap the tape in the same direction around the bat as the first layer. Apply two to three layers as this will preserve some life in the bat and stop the grains from splitting out during use.

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A few tightly wound layers from up to down is the correct way to tape a fungo bat. A fungo bat needs proper care and maintenance and taping it up is a must to prolong its life. Fungo bats, normally used for beginner batting practice or fielding practice by coaches are taped to prevent chipping and splinting. Tape them in one axis, ensuring all the layers follow the same axis. Apply multiple layers, preferably 2-4, for better protection. Coaches may also tape their fungo bats to take the pop out of the bat for fielding practice and in-field hitting. More layers of cushioned taping can be applied in these cases. Any tape is suitable for taping a fungo bat, but athletic tape is most commonly used. These are the important things to consider when you’re thinking about how to tape a fungo bat.

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How to Tape a Fungo Bat – Final Words

The fungo bat is the bat that all hitters begin their batting journey with and it is important to know how to take care of and preserve the fungo bat. Bat care is a vital aspect of any player and it can be seen in the early days with the fungo. Coaches may also use fungo bats for fielding practice or infield hitting. Fungo bats need to be taped before use to for increased durability. Athletic tape can be used. The bat should be taped at the fat end as this the end which suffers most of the hitting. Start taping from an inch above the manufacturer’s logo to about an inch from the end. Tape only in one direction, going down and wrapping the tape tight to the body. Avoid creases or bumps. Apply multiple layers of athletic tape for better protection.

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