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how to clean a baseball bat

One of the most important and critical aspects of a good baseball player is to know how to clean a baseball bat. The baseball bat is what gives the player his identity. It is his weapon on the field and his partner in crime. Thus, each and every player should be able to take good care of their baseball bats. This will ensure the bat performs at the highest level for them. It will also improve the durability of the bat and make any bat last longer. Over time bats may easily accumulate a while lot of dirt, grime, stains, and ball marks. All of these ruin the aesthetic appeal of the bat. If the bat is given a thorough and proper cleansing, however, it will again begin to look as good as new and perform like a bat just out of the wrapper.

There are a few effective ways of how to clean a baseball bat but one of the simplest is the good old combo of soap and water. Use warm water and a mild soap, preferably one with conditioner, and soak a washcloth in the mixture. Rub the bat with the washcloth and this should get rid of those less stubborn stains to give the bat a fresh look. An old sock works wonders to wipe away any loose dirt and grime. Do not get too much water into the bat and dry the bat well after cleaning. If moisture remains on the bat it may damage the wood. It is also important to take care and avoid wetting the gripping tape on the bat so as to not affect the player's hold. This is a great way to clean aluminum alloy bats and softball bats.

For the tougher stains on your bat, use a brush with hard bristles and wash the stain over running water. This should help get rid of those stubborn grease marks. For your composite bats, water and soap may not be enough to give a good clean. Use approved professional bat cleaners on composite models to restore their sheen and gloss. Special bat cleaning solutions can be found in any good bat store, and each manufacturer recommends a particular product be used with its bats. Follow the label instructions for a good clean that will leave your composite looking not even a day old. It will also perform similarly, with the more advanced bat cleaners now geared towards increasing pop. For wooden bats, a small dab of orange polish renews the bat in no time.

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Some bat stains need to be removed using particular materials. For sticky pine tar stains, rubbing alcohol works like a charm to dissolve and wash it away. It also makes ball marks disappear without a trace. Lysol wipes are also a fantastic alternative for bat cleansing materials and help to get rid of the sticky dirt and grime. Olive oil is another good natural cleanser that can eradicate pine tar or grease marks from a bat with consummate ease. It is also organic, which is an added benefit. However, it must be applied lightly to keep the bat's consistency intact. Regardless of bat type, one important thing to remember about how to clean your baseball bat is to always fully dry the bat immediately afterward.

If you want to know how to clean your baseball bat remember that less is more. Irrespective of what product you are using or what bat you have, you must exercise moderation with your cleaner. Too much of anything will harm your bat and affect your performance. Always keep your bat dry to prevent weak spots. Use a leathery cleaner for leather handles and grips. Once a bat has been cleaned and dried, use another bat and press down onto it as you roll along the bat. Roll from the handle end to the barrel end to restore compact hardness. This aids in keeping the bat firm. Keeping your bat clean is also important so don't leave your bat outside for long periods. Always break in composite bats and try to avoid batting practice with your game stick. Following these tricks can easily help prolong the life of your bat several fold and enable you to hit that winning home run.

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How to Clean a Baseball Bat – Final Words

Knowing how to clean a baseball bat is a crucial element in any batter's game. How a batter treats and respects his equipment gives a good indicator of that batter's caliber. Thus keeping bats in top shape is important. Simple stains can be removed with soap and water, while conditioners and approved solutions may be used for harder ones. Rubbing alcohol is a good cleanser for pine tar stains and ball marks and works like a charm. Lysol wipes and olive oil are also good against sticky stains. It is vital to keep in mind to always dry the bat after cleaning and to not allow moisture to linger. Cleaners should, therefore, all be used in moderation and no more than needed. A well taken care of bat can be the difference between a winning home run and a disgruntling defeat.

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