Easton S500C 2016: The Budget Bat For Home Runs And POP


We’ve put the Easton S500C 2016 Youth bat under the microscope today, and what we have found has been positive. If you need a top-notch bat, that is reliable on a budget, the S500C makes perfect sense. One of Easton’s lower priced bats, this bat’s quality manages to bely its cheapness. It is loaded with some pretty stellar technology as well and packs a solid punch at the plate. The S500C gives a solid and threatening combo of power, speed, and durability. Easton manufactures primarily for the young hitters out there, and many of them have made this bat the bat of their choice. This bat may not be the best in regard, but overall, it provides a fantastic array of features, over a broad spectrum and thus can be deemed as one of the best bats out there.

Easton S500C 2016

The Easton S500C 2016 is a youth bat and comes in a range of sizes, lengths, and weights, so that you can choose one that is most suitable for you. Easton is the primary sponsor for the “Little League World Series” and the S500C is certified for use in many major leagues such as the USSSA, AABC, Little League, Dixie, Pony etc.

The S500C, like a lot of other Easton bats, boasts a 2 ¼” barrel, a large upgrade compared to other youth bats. This large barrel size enables players to swing freely and still get sufficient contact, without the fear of a strike. Another benefit is that a larger barrel can offer a larger sweet spot, and this is the case with the S500C. You’ll be sure to be hitting those balls out of the park with this bat in hand.

The best thing about the Easton S500C 2016 is POP. Not just the occasional pop, or two or three a hit, but lots of POP! This bat will give you a pop with almost every other hit. The bat’s unique design and aluminum body, coupled with the aforementioned large barrel gives the hitter the exhilarating feeling of having regular pops when they hit.

This bat comes with a 7050 Aluminum alloy body – the type used in aircraft. This makes the bat extremely light-weight and very easy to swing. The bat does lose a bit of impact force as a result, but if a swing is hard enough that shouldn’t be a problem. The bat is not end-loaded as well. The structure and make of the aluminum body also makes the bat quite durable and resistant to denting, so you can swing as hard and fast as you can without the fear of any damage to the bat. Another Easton bat, the Mako Composite, is made of 100% composite. It also feels light in the hands but can generate much more power with a swing.

The Easton bat is USSSA 1.15 BPF certified, and it comes with Easton’s latest technology, their very own ConnexionATM technology. The 2-piece bat reduces vibrations from impact to a certain degree, and the bat’s design and structure enables maximum energy transfer from the swing into the hit. The bat is also very evenly balanced allowing for fast swings and destructive hitting, and a shower of home runs.

The bat has a handle between 29” to 32” with an All Sports grip, which gives further reassurance to the batter when swinging. The bat stays in control of the batter at all times, and this is an excellent bat for trainees and pros alike. Arguably, the best positive about the bat is that it’s cheap. At under $100, the S500C punches well above its weight and is durable and reliable.

Feature Benefits of Easton S500C 2016

  • Value for money
  • Unique design allows for regular of pops
  • Made of Aluminum 7050 alloy that makes bat light-weight and easy to swing
  • ConneXion ATM Technology reduces impact vibrations
  • 2-piece bat with All Sports grip ensuring batter is in control at all times

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Cheap
  • Large barrel with wide sweet spot
  • LOTS of pop
  • Great bat for trainees
  • Bat is light and can be swung at high speeds
  • Bat is very evenly balanced, and there is maximum transfer of energy from swing
  • Aluminum body makes bat strong and durable

Insider Tips

The Easton S500C 2016 comes in fluorescent yellow only, and it is best cleaned with just water and soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals like acetone on the aluminum body as this will reduce the bat’s integrity and lifespan.


1. Does the bat come with a warranty?

A. Yes. It comes with a one-year warranty.

2. Is the bat approved for use in Little Leagues?

A. Yes. Easton bats are the primary bats used in Little Leagues and various others.

3. Is this bat up-to-date with modern technology?

A. Definitely. Just because its low-price doesn’t mean Easton didn’t give the S500C all the toys.

4. Will this be a good bat for a beginner?

A. Yes. This is an excellent bat for beginner players.

Final Verdict

The Easton S500C 2016 is the ultimate bat in terms of value for money. A jack of all trades, this bat, boasts great technology and amazing features, and can achieve insane swing speed due to its lightness. The bat has a large sweet spot and connects nearly every hit making it a force to be reckoned with despite its modest price.

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