Easton Mako TORQ 2016: A Revolutionary Bat With Immense Power


Many thought Easton would not be releasing the TORQ in 2016 after the bat did not succeed in the previous year and was considered a flop. But the leading youth bat manufacturers have pulled a rabbit out of the hat and have brought to us the new and improved Easton Mako TORQ 2016. This bat tries to counter the drawbacks of its predecessor, and it has also been given some of Easton’s latest technology, to allow it to compete with the other bats out there. The TORQ 2016 is designed to allow the batter to generate maximum power with every swing, and it will certainly keep the pitchers on their toes. This bat can help improve your performance if you are patient with it, and as far as hitting goes, it suffices to say that the ball leaves the bat very hard.

Easton MAKO TORQ 2016

Easton is the primary sponsor for the Little League World Series, and a brand name when it comes to manufacturing youth bats. The Easton Mako TORQ 2016 comes in a range of sizes and lengths for young batters of all ages and builds. The line has been released with 4 bats: Mako TORQ, Mako TORQ XL, Z-Core TORQ and the Z-Core Hybrid TORQ. The Z-Core models are based on the SZ line of 2015, but with the added TORQ handle that is exclusive to Easton’s TORQ line, one of the revolutionary innovations in bat technology.

The Mako TORQ bats’ signature innovation is the revolutionary 360° TORQ ATM handle, which can rotate freely under the batter’s grip. This gives the bat more power, and this power is consistent in every swing. You can now drive the ball harder and farther, with consummate ease. The rotating handle also reduces shocks from imprecise hits to a certain degree and allows a faster release of the bat by letting you free your hands quicker.

The Easton Mako TORQ 2016, like most other Easton bats, is made of 100% composite material, making the bat both light and powerful. It is composed of the latest TCTATM Thermo Composite Technology, which gives the bat a tremendous sweet spot, and plenty of pop with your swings. The bat is fairly end-loaded but still allows for reasonable bat speed when swinging at full tilt. Another bat from Easton, The S500C, complements the TORQ 2016 as it isn’t end-loaded and gives hitters a much faster swing speed.

The bat has a 2 ¼” barrel and comes in a range on 29” to 32” designs. The unique structure and make of the bat allows the batter a wide plate coverage. The drop regarding the bat has been under scrutiny though and the weight of the build has been found to exceed the label on occasions. The bat has also found to be poorly balanced for wide swings, giving it a dent in an otherwise solid plate performance.

The bat is USSSA 1.15 BPF certified and has been installed with Easton’s newest ConneXionATM Two-Piece Technology, which connects the two pieces of composite together. This allows for optimum energy transfer from the swing into the bat, and being end-loaded, can let the player plunder home runs if he manages to obtain enough forward momentum.

The Mako TORQ line comes out with a new and improved TORQ TAQATM grip, which attempts to give the hitter a firm, tacky grip, almost like Velcro. The grip was a big issue in TORQ’s 2015 models, and although Easton has made significant improvements, the grip on the TORQ is still nowhere near that of its competitors. This is a major disadvantage to an otherwise great bat, and Easton should go back to the drawing board to review this problem.

Feature Benefits of Easton Mako TORQ 2016

  • Revolutionary 360° TORQ ATM handle allows bat to rotate freely in batter’s grip
  • TCTATM Thermo Composite build makes bat powerful, but light-weight
  • Bat is end-loaded and generates great force and forward momentum in swings
  • TORQ TAQATM grip gives a firm hold and is an improvement from the TORQ predecessor
  • ConneXionATM Two-Piece Technology allows optimum energy transfer from swing into bat

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Can drive ball farther and harder much more easily
  • Easy to release bat after impact
  • Bat is end-loaded and gives bulky players more advantage
  • Bat is also light weight and can be swung at great speeds
  • Large sweet spot on barrel

Insider Tips

To get the maximum benefit from the rotating 360° TORQ ATM handle, hit the ball with a firm stance and some back-spin and get more square-up power.


1. Is the bat Little League approved?

A. Yes. The bat is approved for the Little League along with many other youth leagues.

2. Does the barrel rotate too?

A. No, only the handle of the bat is rotatable.

3. Is this a composite bat?

A. Yes. It is a 2-piece bat made of 100% composite.

4. Is the bat BBCOR certified?

A. No. The bat isn’t BBCOR certified but has USSSA certification.

Final Verdict

The Easton Mako TORQ 2016 bat is an improvement from the previous model. A great bat in many aspects, with a lot of innovative technology, the bat is let down by a few design flaws that make it a risk to use in the hands of a non-expert. The bat's drive force is unparalleled though, so with some upgrades on the grip and a look into the other minute glitches, the Easton Mako TORQ 2016 can become a force to be reckoned with.

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