Easton Mako Composite: A Bat For Hard-Hitting And Fast Swings


As far as baseball bats go, you want one that makes you a menace to be feared when you step up the plate. A proper bat needs to have a reliable barrel that will ensure you get a hit, and must be easy to swing fast. The Easton Mako Composite gives you this, and much more, being a bat that’ll let you plunder home runs. You will feel the power coursing through you while holding the bat, and will be able to drive the ball, line to line, with consummate ease, thanks to the bat’s superior design and technology. 2016’s Easton Mako line features three brand new beasts you can bring to the fore – Mako Barrel, Mako XL, and Mako TORQ. All three boast their individual advantages, as well as a few drawbacks, but overall, the line is one that should be a force to be reckoned with, and can be considered by amateurs and professionals alike.


The Easton Mako Composite bats are primarily Youth bats, also called “Little League” bats, for their use in the Little League World Series. The youth bats will come in a one of three designs: a drop -10, -11 or -12. You should keep in mind that each drop has its own color pattern of neon green, black, and white.

The Mako comes with a 2 1/4” barrel, monster in comparison to other youth bats, making it near impossible that you miss. It consists of a 2 piece composite, and a wider diameter offers coupled with the gigantic barrel gives you a sweet spot for a shower of home runs. The 2 piece composite structure protects the hitter from the vibrations that are generated after impact. Another deadly composite bat worth a look is the DeMarini CF7 2015, which features a very own rotation index, reminding players to rotate their bats after every hit.

The 2 piece composite design of the bat and its aluminum body makes the bat incredibly feather-light. Its swing weight feels almost three-quarters of that of other similar bats, giving a remarkable liberating feeling to swing one of these. While the low swing weight makes it hard to get some mass behind the swings, this is counteracted by the excellent balancing of the bat.

The Easton Mako Composites are made with 1.2mm HYPERSKINATM grips on the bat handles, which further makes for an exhilarating swing. The bat handles range in length from 29” to 32” – with this in hand, you can unleash the immense power and lightning fast swings. The bats are also USSSA 1.15 BPF certified, enabling them to rival even those bats used in the Senior Big Barrel leagues. The TORQ bat comes with its very own spinning handle – Easton’s very own revolution in bat technology.

The best part about this bat is its TCTATM Thermo Composite Technology. This gives the bat a raving feel at the plate because it optimized the energy transfer into the swing, for a wide range of batter weights. This design, however, lessens the impact feedback compared to one composite model. Thus, it’s a shame that the 2 composite build makes it more difficult to locate the bat's exceptional sweet spot.

All three bats in the Easton Mako line feature Easton's patented two-piece ConneXionATM technology, absent in all other bats. This means that the bat handle and the bat barrel are kept isolated from one another. This gives the batter an optimized feel with greater use, and a great benefit of the bats is that they do not require to be broken in.

Feature Benefits of Easton Mako Composite

  • 2 piece composite structure protects hitter from vibrations generated after impact
  • Low swing weight allows for fast swings with even balancing
  • HYPERSKINATM coupled with optimum bat length allows for powerful grip
  • TCTATM technology enables augmented energy transfer from hitter to swing
  • Bat life is not reduced in order to break in the bat

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • 2 ¼” sized huge barrel with a large sweet spot
  • Easy to generate lot of power and low swing weight enables very fast swings
  • HYPERSKINATM grip makes the bat feel right at home between your palms
  • Hitter protected from impact vibrations due to unique design
  • TCTATM technology allows optimum energy transfer into swings
  • Does not need to be broken in

Insider Tips

To extend the life of your Easton Mako bat, avoid using the bat uncovered in a batting cage. Use a “tuff-sleeve” and leather-covered balls only. Rotate the bat a quarter way after every hit.


1. Is this Little League approved?

A. Yes. The Easton Mako line is the sponsored bat for use in the Little League World Series.

2. Does the bat come with a warranty?

A. Yes, it does.

3. Is the bat balanced, or end-loaded?

A. The bat is a fine-tuned balanced bat, great for fast swings and contact hitters.

4. Does this bat need to be broken-in like other composite bats?

A. No. You simply start using it.

Final Verdict

We would highly recommend the Easton Mako Composite bats to all hitters, and unless you are hell bent on a bat that is end loaded, you’ll find no reason not to love this beauty. Its pacy swings, monstrous barrel, and modern build makes it the bat of choice for many hitters and a supreme force in the bat leagues.

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