DeMarini Voodoo Raw 2016: Get Insane Distance On Your Hits


DeMarini has been a top manufacturer of baseball bats for a while now, and they have delivered another beast with their DeMarini Voodoo Raw 2016. Based on the foundation of the 2015 model of the bat, the Voodoo Raw 2016 has been improved and innovated in order to become one of the best youth bats on the field at the moment. The bat has a robust design, and a precision build. It has been built with pioneering technology and is expected to become the weapon of choice for serious batters this year, thanks to an impressive set of features.

DeMarini Voodoo Raw 2016

The Demarini Voodoo Raw 2016 is USSSA 1.15 BPF certified and can be used in Little Leagues, and various other leagues like AABC, Babe Ruth, Pony and many more.

The DeMarini Voodoo Raw has a 2 1/4” barrel diameter and is made of state-of-the-art X12ATM alloy. This alloy is robust and incredibly powerful, and will generate a lot of impact momentum. The alloy also has amazing flex and provides maximized strength at even the thinnest points. The ability of the alloy to act elastically further helps by making the bat more durable.

The Voodoo Raw is constructed as a two-piece bat and is given a smooth taper by thermo-fusion. This not only adds additional strength to the hit but also makes the bat easier to swing freely. The tapering is done in a unique way so that the energy from reverberations can be re-directed into the swing of the bat to increase the force of contact. This does have the drawback that parts of the bat may come loose during play.

This bat also comes installed with DeMarini’s original Low Pro End-Cap. This cap helps to add control and balance to the swings. The cap also reduces vibrations from an impact. Energy from contact is utilized to the maximum by the cap which reduces any loss by recycling wasted forward momentum in a display of revolutionary bat physics. While some players may have difficulty generating good momentum with other bats, the Voodoo Raw seems to generate the momentum for you, and players can hit farther with this, than any other bat.

The grip on the Voodoo Raw 2016 is the newly developed D-Fusion 2.0. This gives the batters a solid, strong grip allowing them the liberty to go in full swing, without any distraction. The DeMarini CF7 2015 is another bat from this manufacturer which features this revolutionary design. The grip allows for the optimum transfer of energy into the bat as the hitter swings, thus making the bat a beast full of raw power. The ball will leave the bat with a delectable crisp and sail farther than imaginable.

The DeMarini Voodoo Raw 2016 boasts DeMarini’s innovative RCKATM Knob on the handle of the bat. This knob perfectly complements the bottom hand grip of the batter when he holds the bat in his hands at the plate. This feature allows players to hold the bat firmly, and swing with all their might. There is no excess pressure on the wrists or palms, and although relatively new, the RCK Knob bears enormous promise in the Voodoo Raw.

Feature Benefits of DeMarini Voodoo Raw 2016

  • X12ATM alloy makes bat incredibly strong and elastic, with the ability to flex
  • Thermo-fused tapered two-piece hybrid adds momentum to swings
  • Low Pro End-Cap minimized impact vibrations
  • New D-Fusion 2.0 grip is rigid allowing maximum energy transfer from swing to bat
  • RCKATM knob complements batter’s hand grip and allows free swinging

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Made of strong and durable X12ATM alloy
  • Flexibility of barrel shoots ball off the bat to incredible distances
  • Maximum transfer of energy from swing into hit and maximum momentum generated
  • Impact vibrations reduced by end-cap
  • Optimum energy transfer from impact back into barrel
  • Easy to grip and swing freely

Insider Tips

The End-cap on the Voodoo Raw 2016 increases swing control and head-whip, so experienced players should try to utilize this feature by practicing to find the perfect swing with this bat in hand.


1. Does this bat have a warranty?

A. Yes. The bat comes with a one-year warranty

2. What is the drop of this bat?

A. The bat has a unique -13 drop

Final Verdict

The DeMarini Voodoo Raw 2016 is an absolute behemoth. It is installed with all the latest tech from DeMarini’s bat engineers and is a monstrous proposition in the right hands. An elastic barrel, all-powerful X12ATM alloy, and the perfect bat physics to maximize force and momentum makes this bat perfect for getting incredible yardage on your hits.

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