DeMarini 2015 CF7: The Echelon Of Bat Technology And Performance


DeMarini is a name often associated with the best bats in the baseball world, and it has lived up to that billing with the DeMarini 2015 CF7. This bat is a composition of supreme technology, immense power, and lightning speed all in one, allowing it to give all other bats out there a good run for their money. The DeMarini CF7 has been built with the latest innovations in baseball technology and relies on pin-point precision for its success. The features of the bat make it clinical at the plate and an exceptional instrument at the hand of pros. The bat does have a bit if a breaking in process, but once you’ve made it your own, it will help you plunder home run after home run, no doubt.

DeMarini 2015 CF7

The DeMarini 2015 CF7 is accepted in all Little Leagues around the world and complied with the BBCOR and BPF regulations.

The CF7 has the all new Paradox Plus Composite Barrel, which makes it incredibly strong and allows you to drive the ball longer and farther than ever before. This composite is lighter but stronger and gives the CF7 probably the lightest swing in the game, but one which packs quite the punch. The composite also gives brilliant responsiveness on impact and great plate coverage. The 2 ¼” barrel also has a pretty big sweet spot to aim for.

The CF7 is made with a Low Pro End-cap. This is a dual density flattened cap attached to the bat’s head in order to optimize the balance of the bat and maximize forward momentum when swinging. It helps to reduce the batter’s work in keeping the bat steady and hitting the ball. This feature also gives you a feel of what’s going on in the rest of the barrel to control your hits, thus allowing you to adjust if needed.

The DeMarini CF7 has one of the latest innovations in baseball bat technology installed – the D-Fusion handle. This handle eliminates any and all unwanted vibrations during impact, only allowing those vibrations needed for adjustment to reach the grip. What’s more is that the handle transfers the excess energy back into the barrel, further increasing the force of the swing. The handle is flame-tempered (FT) onto the barrel, to form a rigid structure. This fusion helps to eliminate vibrations even further.

The CF7 is 1.15 BPF certified and has a Rotation Index which automatically reminds players to rotate their bats after every hit. This helps prolong the bat’s otherwise short life. The bat is fine-tuned at its sweet spot, and the flame tempering treatment helps by filtering out shocks from off-center hits, thereby enhancing feedback from the impact.

Another one of the newest techs boasted by the DeMarini 2015 CF7 is the RCK knob. Instead of a grip, this knob is attached at the end of the handle. The RCK knob is an anatomically designed grip, which will fit perfectly into the hitter’s hands. This works better than any modern-day grips and enables you to swing freely and hit at your best consistently. Easton has tried an innovative handle too, with their Mako TORQ 2016 bats, which feature a spinning handle to increase momentum and make it easier to release the bat.

Feature Benefits of DeMarini 2015 CF7

  • 100% composite body (Paradox Plus) makes bat light and strong
  • Low Pro End-cap keeps bat balanced during swings and adds momentum
  • D-Fusion handle enhances feedback from impact
  • Handle also re-adds excess energy lost back into barrel
  • Vibrations from off-center hits are filtered out and energy transfer into swing is optimized
  • RCK knob fits perfectly into batter’s hands allowing near-perfect grip

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Extremely light but powerful bat
  • Maximum precision achievable due to intelligent feedback
  • Off-center vibrations removed
  • Great forward momentum and swing speed
  • Smooth and fast swings can be performed due to precision balancing
  • Rotation Index present to increase bat's lifespan

Insider Tips

The CF7 despite having a Rotation Index still has a short lifespan. It is best to use the bat with a bat sleeve and avoid taking it into the batting cage. This will improve the bat’s durability and life-span and will also reduce the bat’s breaking in period.


1. Is this bat approved for use in Little Leagues?

A. Yes.

2. Is this bat 2-piece or 1-piece?

A. It is a 2 piece bat but the handle and barrel are fused together by flame-tempering.

3. What is the barrel diameter of the bat?

A. It has a 2 ¼” barrel diameter

4. Does the bat come with a warranty?

A. Yes. It comes with a one-year warranty

Final Verdict

The DeMarini 2015 CF7 is one of the most advanced and innovative bats out there and is extremely powerful, yet precise – a rare combination. The bat has a lot of the newest features and is adapted for use by seasoned pros. This is a bat which can drive the ball a long way with barely a little force, and can be expected to be a dangerous proposition in the right hands.

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