COMBAT MAXSL112 Review: Take Your Game To The Next Level


Combat has recently turned quite a few heads in the baseball world, for their bats, and their new Combat MAXSL112 has gotten a similar reception. Built with some ground-breaking technology and some pretty sick features, the MAXSL112 is quickly becoming the bat of choice for many players out there. These is due to the incredible combination of the bat’s huge sweet spot and ultra-light swing weight. Most Combat bats are made with a unique, innovative Precision Molding Technology (PMT) and the MAXSL112 is the same. This gives these bat’s their deadly combination. The MAXSL112 is rapidly infiltrating baseball fields all over the country. It is becoming common viewing at the plate nowadays, and thus we take a look at the bat, to see what all the hype is about.


The Combat MAXSL12 is a Senior League bat. It is suitable for use in the various senior leagues played across the nation, and a few other leagues, such as the Pony Mustang and Dixie leagues.

The MAXSL112 comes with a gargantuan 2 5/8” barrel. This enlarged barrel size is architected to precision, to give the perfect barrel shape needed for clean, powerful hits. The enlarged barrel also gives the bat a large contact area, more plate coverage and most importantly, a gigantic sweet spot. The increased hitting surface and sweet spot make this bat a lethal weapon for any hitter at the plate.

The new Combat line comes with a Precision Molded Seamless Technology, which gives the MAXSL112 a seamless, elongated barrel. This increases hitting surface as well, while also giving the bat a sturdy, rigid feel. The seamless build and PMT construction make the bat very strong and durable. With no seams, the bat has no creases or weak points, while the PMT gives the bat a consistent performance throughout the barrel.

The MAXSL112 is designed to have an ultra-light swing weight. The swing weight on the MAXSL112 is considerably lower than that of other bats, with the manufacturer’s citing a 38% reduction on average. Whether that is accurate or not, the MAXSL112 definitely feels lighter to swing, and this gives the swing more balance and precision.

The MAXSL112 has a 100% composite one-piece body. This build makes the MAXSL112 strong and durable. The one-piece structure further increases the lifespan of the bat, along with the seamless barrel design. The Louisville Slugger Omaha 516 is another bat that is both light-weight and comes with a large sweet spot. It is a great option to check out for those who prefer alloy bats.

The grip on the MAXSL112 is a Lizard Skin grip. This gives the bat a sticky feeling in the player’s hands. Hitters can now experience enhanced feel from their shots and make adjustments as required for fine-tuning. The Lizard Skin gives more tackiness and comfort to the batter at the plate, but may not be as advanced as some other grips on competitor bats.

Feature Benefits of Combat MAXSL12

  • Gigantic barrel gives increased contact area and huge sweet spot
  • Seamless Precision Molding Technology (PMT) construction makes bat strong, durable and eliminates weak points
  • Bat’s design gives it an extremely light swing
  • Fully composite one-piece body makes bat firm and increases bat longevity
  • Lizard Skin grip gives hitters enhanced feel and comfort

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Hits regularly come from the sweet spot, due to the enlarged barrel
  • Bat is durable and can last a long period
  • Seamless body make it suitable for practice as well as play since bat isn’t easily damaged
  • Bat is comfortable to hold
  • Bat is light and easy to swing

Insider Tips

The Combat MAXSL112 has a large barrel and perfected barrel thickness which makes it a good choice for cage practice to improve swing speed and balance. The bat’s durability can be improved by washing the composite with only water and soap.


1. Does the bat come with a warranty?

A. Yes. The bat comes with a 500-day warranty

2. What are bat dimensions?

A. The bat has a 33” barrel with a 2 5/8” barrel diameter

3. Is the bat USSSA certified?

A. Yes. The bat has USSSA certification and is BPF 1.15 certified

4. Does the bat need to be broken in?

A. No. The bat doesn’t need to be broken in and is excellent for cage practice

Final Verdict

The Combat MAXSL112 is a great bat for a lot of reasons, and it is easy to understand why players are garnering an interest towards this bat. It can help almost any player to improve their game and step it up a notch. The bat has some pretty neat features, and although not suitable for professionals, it is an excellent choice for the senior leagues.

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