Best Paintball Gun Review

Best Paintball Gun Review
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The paintball gun is the primary equipment for the sport of paintball and it is obvious that you will require the best paintball gun to get success in the game. You can hire the gun, but owning your own will surely provide you with ultimate satisfaction while inside the arena.

When it comes to good (better to say ‘best’) paintball markers, there are several brands from which you can choose. This choosing ‘the best’ can often be tricky and tough as you need to study several product reviews to come to the best conclusion. We desire to give you the pleasure of picking up the best device without having to go through the painful part of reading lots of reviews. Our research on top 10 paintball guns will provide you with the necessary details and make your choosing process easy.

Head to Head Comparison Among Top 03 Paintball Guns

Air Source: HPA AND LPA
Durability: Extremely Durable
Maintenance: Easy
Suitable For: Experienced Players
Upgrade Facility: Available
DYE DM14 2014
Air Source: HPA AND LPA
Durability: Highly Durable
Maintenance: Easy
Suitable For: Fully and Medium Experienced Players
Upgrade Facility: Available
Durability: Extremely Durable
Maintenance: Super Easy
Suitable For: All Players
Upgrade Facility: Available
Best Paintball Gun Review

Top 10 Paintball Guns

1. Planet Eclipse Ego 11 2011

Planet Eclipse 2011 Ego paintball gun has been developed with the primary intention of providing the modern paintball players with the things that they desire the most. The outstanding efficiency of the gun will be just the superficial thing to mention. You will need to know the detailed details of the features before you agree that this is perhaps the best paintball marker available till date.

Planet Eclipse Ego 11 2011

The solenoid by MAC Valves USA has been incorporated in the gun to provide the facility of twin flow control. The solenoid flow controller is capable of controlling the forward and rearward speed of the rammer. It is this feature that will enable the user to tune the speed and feel the rate of fire by simply twisting the adjuster. This device can actually be switched from a very high speed, max ROF, uncapped, and free-for-all machine into the softest, smoothest, and gentlest firing.

The features like POPS ASA and SL3 make this gun more adorable for the serious players who desire to have the smartest guns. The durability and sleek design of Planet Eclipse remain the same in this 2011 Ego version. It is thus ensured that the player will have the same comfort level with this new model as it happened to be with the previous versions. The additional benefit of Planet Eclipse 2011 Ego Paintball Gun is the new zippered case and the complementary spare kit. You will have basic repairing and maintenance equipment along with an 84-page detailed user manual.


  • Equipped with solenoid valves
  • Can switch between high speed and very low speed with a simple twist of the adjuster
  • Gassing up takes only a fraction of a second
  • Can run both on HP and LP tanks
  • Comes with comprehensive spares kit


2. DYE M2

Dye M2 Paintball Marker is the name that has been catering to the needs of paintball players for more than 12 years. They are not just the manufacturers of good quality and durable paintball markers, but they are the innovators as well. People who are looking for high-end performance and beauty in their devices are sure to choose DYE M2. The super combination of beauty and performance is available at its best in this device.


As compared to its previous models, the M2 brings improved features is every single sphere. The sharp and aggressive lines flowing across the body seems ethereal due to the absence of visible screw heads. The Method Operating System and Prism Interface enable the software to be just perfect. The OLED screen (high resolution) provides instant clarity to the paintball gun.

Other mentionable features are the internal pressure sensors, expanded operational control, service systems, and multiple player profiles. These are the features that take the Method Operating System to the new level of evolution in the field of electronic control systems. The rechargeable battery, the five-way control joystick, and the wireless connection between the 3 frame and the body just adds to the players’ delight.


  • Operating System's air upgrade facility is available
  • Comes with rechargeable LI battery
  • The five-way control joystick enables easy maneuvering
  • The body of the gun is sheer beauty accompanied by brilliant performance features
  • Wireless charger and tech mat kit are included so that the device can be used instantly after purchase


  • Works only with MOS air
  • The electronic control system is often difficult to maintain and cannot be repaired at home
  • Is a bit fragile in nature as compared to other heavy duty paintball guns available in the market

3. Planet Eclipse Geo CS1

Engineers making paintball guns at Planet Eclipse have always been passionate about creating the best device for the players. The performance of the finished device is off utmost importance in all the paintball markers from Planet Eclipse. This tradition remains intact with every model from the manufacturer. The Geo CS1 is the paintball marker that provides you with all the key features that you need. Durability and easy functioning are the basic features. The ergonomically designed marker guns are capable of providing the best results in the paintball arena.

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1

There are opinions about the comparatively high price of the Geo CS1 paintball gun. But when it comes to high quality performance, the price does not seem to hurt much. The device can be upgraded with ease, and this adds to the credit side. While making this device, the engineers have paid great attention towards every possible facet of improvement. Reliability has been given utmost importance, and maintenance issues have also been taken care of. The CS1 paintball gun is not just aesthetically well designed; it is equally perfect in its function.

Planet Eclipse is extremely careful about maintaining their reputation as far as the durability and performance of paintball guns are concerned. The improvement in every sphere has ensured a better device as compared to the previous version. This also means that the user has to read the manual thoroughly before using the device.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to repair as the gun comes with basic repairing kit
  • Highly reliable as Planet Eclipse’s reliability factor is above any doubt


  • The device is for the pro-players and beginners may find it difficult to handle the several operational features
  • Price is pretty high as compared to other brands available in the market

4. Empire Vanquish 2.0

Empire Paintball brings their latest premium paintball gun model under the name Vanquish 2.0. This one is for the players who desire to enter the highest level of the game. For the existing higher level players, this gun is simply the going to give the desired blissful experience of the game.

Empire Vanquish 2.0

The pressure balanced spool Valve is capable of firing exceptionally soft shots with the least kick. No external gauge is required as the precision pressure sensor provides onscreen pressure readings. The OLED screen is pretty wide and comes with the contrast ratio of 2000:1. This makes the display super bright and is the standard feature of all Empire Vanquish devices. The dual bearing trigger consists of a four-way adjuster. The spring assisted bold is tipped with rubber so that it hits the paint softly. Navigation control is extremely easy with the help of the five-way joystick. The XLP flash microcontroller can perform up to 16 MIPS so that the player can experience highly accurate timing without having to drain the battery. The battery connection between the grip frame and body is wireless.

The bold appearance of the Vanquish gun hides the sophisticated electronics. The delicate electronic features provide absolutely high level performance for the pro-players. The inclusion of a Micro USB port for connecting the device with the PC is one of the astonishing features of this gun.


  • The firing barrel is not just accurate but extremely quiet as well
  • The bolts are rubber tipped so that the paint is hit with softness
  • Extremely easy to adjust as all adjustments can be done with the help of 3/32” Hex wrench
  • Battery connection between body and grip frame is wireless


  • For high level players only. Beginners will find it difficult to get desired performance

5. Dye DM14 2014

Dye DM14 is the latest version of electronic paintball marker from DYE made for the experienced players. Dye has been the passionate paintball marker makers, and they have always been caring towards the requirements of their customers. With more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing paintball guns, Dye is proud to launch this DM14 model that comes with extraordinary features. This new device is not just smaller in size but is more air efficient as well.

Dye DM14 2014

The quick release magnetic bolt system is one of the primary features of the device. The ultra-light reach airport is another stunning feature that is sure to make the users happy. The low profile design makes the gun look modest, but the performance is nothing but sheer brilliant. The tool-less sticky grip makes handling easy and effortless. Being equipped with color coded O-rings, the device is extremely easy to maintain. The regulator operates under low pressure and hence is another factor that makes its operation easy and effortless. The feel of the trigger is equally brilliant and will surely entice the player.

As already mentioned, the cleaning and maintenance is super easy. Dye paintball markers had always been easy to clean and maintain. This new model does not break the tradition.


  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain. The bolts come out with easy and thus; can be cleaned easily
  • Being extremely light weight, the gun is easy to maneuver
  • The barrel remains quiet while as compared to products of other brands available in the market
  • Highly durable and thus there is nothing to worry about the reliability of the device while in the paintball arena


  • The grip is very hard to get off. The sticky grips are really painful to get off
  • The brand stickers get off easily

6. WGP Karnivor Pro-Edition

WGP is the paintball marker manufacturer known for introducing the STO Karnivor Pro-Edition Autococker marker for the serious paintball players. The Karnivor Pro-Edition is not very different from the previous edition of the Karnivor model. The difference is the availability of the color combo in the latest version.

WGP Karnivor Pro-Edition

The Worrblade E-frame will always provide you with accuracy and the firepower delivered by the frame is loved by all players. The STO ICS (Internal Cocking System) is the feature that can now be used to adjust your velocity through the input reg. The cocking rod in this device is made of titanium and is thus above all questions regarding durability. The new STO housing feature in the WGP Karnivor Pro-Edition model features the internal porting that is helpful in eliminating gasket blowouts. New STO Ram with a Turbo Relief Valve for the cocker’s Ram is another extraordinary feature of this paint gun. You can achieve extremely high rates of fire with this valve mechanism. The valves are made of aluminum and are thus; small and light weight. The trigger is customized to make it extremely comfortable and super light. It is helpful in shooting super-fast. Slow shooters will not enjoy the trigger function much.

This device runs on CO2 and Nitro; thus you are free to choose your comfortable air source. The overall features have been designed in such a way that you can upgrade or customize the gun according to your specific necessity.


  • Super durable heavy-duty paintball marker
  • Easy to clean
  • Cocking rod made of titanium is beyond normal durability
  • Can operate both on CO2 and nitro
  • Extraordinary features compensate well for the high price
  • Limited lifetime warranty is available from the manufacturer


  • Is not available for sale in some specific zip codes
  • Is designed for super-pro players only

7. Empire Paintball BT Dfender

Empire Paintball once again used their innovative genius to create a state-of-art paintball gun. The Empire Paintball BT Dfender Marker is equipped with ultra-strong and lightweight shells made of magnesium. These shells possess the high performance guts along with a ZZ2 loader inside.

Empire Paintball BT Dfender

The marker is not just of the high performance quality; it comes with an integrated loader. As already mentioned, the magnesium shells are highly effective but at the same time are extremely light weight. Ball chopping can be prevented with the help of Break Beam Eyes feature. The selector switch of this marker comes with five different firing modes (semi, ramping, burst, select fire, and full auto mode). The on and off regulators can be easily mounted on the T-slot rail. The trigger is smooth, programmable, and has three-way adjustment facility.

The poppet firing engine is controlled by inline pressure and thus offers absolutely accurate firing. The loader performance becomes outstanding because of the auto anti-jam feature. Constant feeding is guaranteed as the loader activates as soon as the trigger is pulled. This device is capable of firing 20bps and that too with continuous loading. Basic maintenance and battery change can be done without the help of any extra tool. The presence of battery level indicator enables you to know the condition of battery life while on the game. The BT Dfender Marker kit comes with a standard magnetic lid and speed feed lid. A multi-purpose sling adapter is also available for carrying the device to the battlefield.


  • Integrated loader provides high end performance
  • Magnesium shells are full of strength but light weight as well
  • The on and off regulator is easy to mount on the T-rail slot


  • This gun is not suitable for the players who want to take slow and properly aimed shots

8. Empire Paintball Axe

When you are looking for the best paint gun available in the market, Empire Paintball Marker Axe can be a good choice. As far as the price is concerned, this one is certainly the cheap one with extraordinary features. The combination of cheap price and good features is rare, but Empire has been able to achieve this great combination. Axe is the marker that wins in tournaments and is thus favorite among the pro-players.

Empire Paintball Axe

The foregrip of this marker may appear to be a bit uncomfortable, but adjustment facilities are available. You can buy the adjustment equipment to make the device suitable for you. The board at the back can be a little troublesome, but if you do not need to adjust your marker settings in the middle of the game, you will not feel the trouble of this feature at all. The stock barrel of this marker is accurate and pretty quiet. Some users have seen some troubles in the barrel as it is not under bored. This can make the paint drop out before the break and result in an empty shot. This is obviously not desirable when you are in the arena as you will not just be vulnerable to attacks but at the same time you will be wasting air from your tank.

The best thing about this paintball marker is that it comes with several upgrade options. Being less expensive, you can actually spend the extra money in upgrading the device according to your necessity.


  • Durable and heavy-duty device
  • Lots of upgrade options are available
  • Cheap price makes the device popular among pro-players who desire to spend on their customized upgrading


  • The foregrip is really uncomfortable. You will need to use adjusting equipment to make the grip comfortable
  • The board at the end is difficult to navigate

9. Planet Eclipse ETEK 4 LT

Planet Eclipse has been the leading name in the field of paintball gun making and is popular for their innovative designs. When everyone else was busy in incorporating several cutting edge features in the markers, Planet Eclipse decided to launch one such device that is not only loaded with cutting edge technology but extraordinary construction. This paintball gun comes in a one-piece body where the composite parts have been alloyed together.

Planet Eclipse ETEK 4 LT

The SL3 regulator is the same one that you will find in the Ego11, CSL, and Geo2.1 models. It is this feature that allows the gun to operate smoothly on high pressure, medium pressure, and low pressure air source. Changing between the air sources do not even require to change the settings of the device. The new 2012 OOPS provides the combination of low profile along with super easy on, off, and purge function as well as a front mounted hose exit. The barrel of this gun makes use of a two-piece reverse threaded construction with comparatively longer rear control bore. This actually increases the efficiency as well as the consistency of the device.

Planet Eclipse is such a name for which the question of durability and reliability do not need mentioning. Mentioning the features seems to be enough for readers who are interested in purchasing good quality paintball marker. The deftek feed, cure bolt, directly mounted solenoid, adjustable LPR, adjustable trigger, and break beam sensor system are just a few to name which will attract the buyers towards this extraordinary product.


  • Solid one-piece metal body enhances durability
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The grips are extremely soft
  • Trigger is fully adjustable


  • One-piece metal body is durable but will be hard to repair without expert help
  • This device is not for beginners

10. Planet Eclipse ETEK5

Planet Eclipse has always been the leader in making paintball guns and with this new series of ETEK5 marker; they just keep maintaining their reputation. The ETEK series stands for durability and reliability, and the new model will not disappoint the buyers. ETEK5 maintains the basic principles of the series and this time they stress in using the finest materials. Outstanding performance and high class ergonomics has been the USP for this model. By making this particular model, Planet Eclipse has traveled far from just the mid-range marker for the buyers.

Planet Eclipse ETEK5

ETEK5 has borrowed the features and ergonomics from the high class models and created the mid-range product to suit the target buyers. The basic architecture and form have been designed according to the Ego LV1 model. The integrated LPR assembly and SL4 inline regulator make sure that the ETEK5 operates with exceptional consistency along with employing an extended pitch between the foregrip and grip frame. These features provide the user with most stable and comfortable shooting platform. The latest stippled inserts provides the user with high level grip and control, no matter under what conditions you are playing.

The function of the marker remains accurate even when the player is snap-shooting, gunning, or running in the field. The internal Zick3 technology introduces the true two-stage acceleration profile besides providing gentle initial acceleration. Maintenance and repairing remains as easy as it is for other markers from Planet Eclipse.


  • Light weight and durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Low price but equipped with all the high-end technologies
  • Can operate in low air pressure as well


  • The material is sturdy but made of plastic

Step By Step Best Paintball Gun Buying Guide

We hope that above product reviews have provided you with the details you needed to know. The detailed features will make your choice easy, but to make it flawless, you need to know some more. Take the following into consideration before you purchase your paintball gun.

Think about the reliability

Reliability is the most important thing for every purchase. We just don’t want our paintball guns to look the best in the field, but to work the best as well. The beginners may consider buying the cheap one, but that isn’t always the wise thing. This also does not mean that a gun available at cheaper price will not be reliable at all. You just have to make sure that the features suit your necessity and the brand is reliable enough. Putting some extra money to get a really reliable paintball gun is worth spending.

Who will own the gun?

It is not always the buyer who plays with the paintball gun. You may buy it for your kid or someone else. Just don’t spend on a particular gun (because it looks great or has great features) without knowing the person who will be using it. The paintball gun for a beginner will be much different from that of a pro-player. A beginner will not be able to do the required maintenance or repairing. So, it is necessary to know the user before purchasing the gun.

What style or position will you be playing?

The style and position of playing is important to consider before buying the paintball gun. Your style of playing may require an electronic trigger and loader so that the rate of firing can be increased. If you are among those who want to wait in ambush for the ‘right shot’, you may require a gun that is accurate in hitting the target. These specific types of guns are expensive as compared to the general ones. So, you have to be very specific about your requirement before making the purchase.

Know the air source

Paintball guns operate either on CO2 or High Pressure Air (HPA). CO2 is the common choice among players while the HPA guns are more accurate in their functions. The HPA guns are more consistent and unaffected by weather. It is absolutely your choice to choose the air source, but you will have to make sure to maintain that while using the gun. The reason behind this warning is that some HPA guns can fire on CO2 but doing that will damage the gun and also void the warranty regulations from the manufacturer.

Know about the possible upgrades

You can buy a simple (may be a cheap one) gun and upgrade it later according to your necessity. For this, you will have to choose such a device that can be upgraded. Unless you know what the features that will allow successful are upgrading, your investment in a low priced gun will remain unsuccessful. There are several upgrading options available, and you will have to study the details thoroughly before spending on them.

Know the availability of repair parts

No matter how carefully you use your paintball gun, it is sure to require some repairing in the course of time. Even the most well maintained guns undergo wear and tear and thus; require repairing. Now, it is time and money consuming to go to the repair shop every time you need some minor repairing. The best idea is to have a basic parts kit so that you can do the basic repairing works on your own.

Follow the manufacturer’s manual STRICTLY

This suggestion is to be followed after you have purchased your dream paintball gun. You may have purchased the best paintball gun for the money you have spent on it, but it will not work properly unless you use it properly. You will have to follow every single instruction to ensure that your gun works exactly as desired. You will also have to follow the maintenance and upkeep instructions to prevent your gun from malfunctioning.

Final Verdict

We have analyzed the top rated paintball guns that will help you to perform at your best in the paintball arena.

Planet Eclipse Ego 11 2011

If you are looking for the most efficient paintball marker with cutting edge technologies, the Ego 2011 will surely be the best choice. The solenoid MAC Valves will provide you with the desired control and the POPS ASA will make you the proud owner of the smartest paintball gun.

Dye DM14 2014

This DM14 paintball marker from Dye is the latest version of electronic gun. You can make use of the features like quick release magnetic bolt, brilliant trigger quality, and easy maintenance will make you proud of your paintball gear.

Planet Eclipse ETEK5

This fairly priced device has incorporated all the stunning features from the manufacturer’s high-level models. Well-built and extreme durability is sure to make this device a good choice for you.

Let us know which one from the above list you chose as the best paintball gun. We will be waiting eagerly for your response.

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