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Every airsoft game player shouldn't miss the fun best airsoft pistol has to offer. Whether you're planning to have some fun with your friends or participate in airsoft game alone, a good airsoft handgun is a perfect selection for you.

Airsoft pistols are widely known for their exceptional qualities. The blowback system manufacturer incorporates into this handgun distinguishes it from other pistols. Everything about this pistol is awesome: it shoots accurately, it's balanced and properly weighted, it also feels good in user's hand; Airsoft handgun performance is can't just be compared to other guns out there.

Head to Head Comparison Among Top 3 Airsoft Pistols

Here are the top 3 airsoft pistols you may need to consider for your next games:

Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tac Gen3
FPS: 345
Clip Shots: 16 rounds
Shooting Mode: Semiautomatic
Powerplant: CO2
Weight: 2.5 pounds
ASG CZ P-09 CO2 Blowback
FPS: 340-370
Clip Shots: 16 rounds
Shooting Mode: Semiautomatic
Powerplant: CO2
Weight: 1.8 pounds
KJW Model-616 KP06 Gas Blowback
FPS: 330-350
Clip Shots: 32 rounds
Shooting Mode: Semiautomatic
Powerplant: Green Gas
Weight: 4 pounds

10 Best Airsoft Pistols

1. Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tac Gen3

Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tac Gen3

Umarex Elite Force 1911 tac gen3 is among the top airsoft pistol in the market today. The effective slide catch, ambidextrous safety, and mag release are some of the exceptional qualities of this gun. High visibility sights and a railed frame is another unique feature game players can find in Umarex 1911. The handgun can easily receive lasers and tactical lights through this feature. The Umarex 1911 Style Pistol is an excellent option for both indoor and night events/games.

Furthermore, Users can easily shoot down someone at a distant range through the gun's hop up the plugin. Game players can as well pull the slide a little bit back without any hassle. The 6.08mm smooth barrel enables users to engage themselves in regular firing while they are on the field. The skeleton cut hammer and improved beavertail safety is an excellent functionality Airsoft player must not miss on the field. Both the plastic grips and triggers produce an exquisite feeling when users hold the gun.

Unlike some other guns, Umarex Elite Force 1911 tac gen3 eliminates the need for users to separately acquire green gas before the CO2 cartridges can be active. The Allen wrench in the gun help made the loading of CO2 possible and thus prepared users for action anytime; The drop-free 14-round magazine loads quickly.

It's important for new users to understand that Umarex Elite Force 1911 tac gen3 is a single action pistol. It can't be taken from the hip; users can only pull the trigger. The slide needs to be pulled to the rear before a BB can enter the chamber. This gun is durable and much respected for it crisp blowback action. It's certainly among the best Co2 handgun you can get at an affordable rate.


  • It has almost 3 mags of CO2
  • Has good weight and looks awesome
  • Shots are accurate
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Good FPS


  • Paint scratches easily
  • Mags are expensive

2. ASG CZ P-09 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol

ASG CZ P-09 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol

CZ or Ceska zbrojovka Uhersky Brod has been known for manufacturing fine guns, mainly pistols over the years. Their arms are ergonomically made; usually have a reliable design and a real resource of self defense. Their ASG (ActionSportGames) are no different to this. It has strong recoil owing to its plastic slide that gives you aclear shot every time you fire with it. Moreover, the P-09 is a gas blowback made with polymer frame and has a full sized piston. This adds to your shooting experience on the whole.

What does not go well with the ASG CZ P-09 CO2 is the paint that tends to wear off and the magazine may get little hard to load at times. Other than this it is a reliable air gun that can be enjoyed for recreational activities without a doubt.


  • The rails and long inner barrel lends it a tactical look
  • It has been engineered with ambidextrous safety
  • The blowback is overall very realistic for an air gun
  • It has an accuracy from 30+ or more precisely at 40 yards
  • The outer barrel is metallic
  • Most importantly is easy to dismantle and lubricate


  • You may need a pair of gloves for shooting because of the uneven texture
  • This gun works fine with green gas, but fires hot with CO2 magazines

3. KJW Model-616 KP06

This product is among the KJW's newest release. It is characterized with its Blowback features. It is a large Airsoft Pistol and is undeniably wider, longer and thicker than the predecessors. It is liked for tactical lower rail, machined trigger and hammer, fiber optic adjustable heights, modified grips and deceitful safety. This arguably characterized with the best features that will be observed by you on a pistol. It is blessed with the power, light trigger pull, accuracy, reliability, hi-capacity and railed frame.

It is preoccupied with TanioKoba upgraded grip and fully reinforced internal and external parts. This is one of the best performing pistols. Besides good performance, this pistol is designed with high pragmatism. It is a full-metal pistol that uses either CO2 or gas magazines. This is one of the best gas blowback pistols on the market.

This product is quite large with overall wider, longer and thicker perspectives. Thus, this revolver is not manageable with smaller hands. Management of shooting with this revolver require much tactical brain as this product is one of the most responsive and generating guns.


  • The pistols are all built with heavy metals that impart a heavy weight to them
  • Heavy weight facilitates accurate operation
  • The product is inbuilt featured with an excellent finish and absolute fitness
  • They are known for their high accuracy and well-centered target capacity
  • The magazine can hold as many as 28 rounds. This provides operation capacity for longer time


  • Grips are little wide causing disturbance in fitting the hands of small shooters
  • FPS are complained against; but that does not restrict the job from getting done
  • The pistol requires tools for a full field strip

4. Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol

The Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol is a full metal airsoft pistol. It is such a product to be carried through for life. This pistol is completely a fundamental barebones and classic variety of an Airsoft class. The product is spring powdered and fires at a high range while the shooting range is moderate. With inbuilt feature like smooth-bore barrel, it has a mounted laser sight, textured grip and an easy-slide pump. It is recommended that a protective eyewear be used during treat with this product.

Another feature of this pistol is an official Colt trademark on the full metal slide. This is loaded with a satisfying kick with each round put downrange. Besides, the standard safety, the grip safety on the rear is functional and allows the shooter to shoot this airsoft gun only when pressure is placed on the grip. The textured grip assures that the airsoft pistol stays well within the shooters hands. It is an excellent product to be carried with.

There was complains that an average of 3 units of CO2 is required to fill magazine of about 1.5. The loading system has been kept hard. Each magazine has inbuilt difficulty in loading. The BBS tends to stick to the opening of the magazine. The spring is also highly resistant. More frequently, the magazine needs a replacement.


  • These products are made super-affordable with the fundamental barebones and thus it is easy to use
  • The official colt trademark has allowed for the desired kick with each firing
  • These are excellent for amateur users too
  • Security is assured with rail beneath barrel
  • Supreme durability is assured with metal construction


  • The functioning had to sustain some complaints

5. Umarex Walther 2262020 15 Rounds P99 Blowback

Umarex Walther 2262020 15 Rounds P99 Blowback

The Walther P99 side arm is a product that is used by police and special army-men. This is characterized with highly usability and effectiveness. The Air Rattle brings you a fully licensed and trademarked P99 with Walther. This product is also popular for its high realistic look. You are required to cock the metal slide back for getting ready to fire. No repeat cocking is required.

The trigger can be pulled in rapid semi-automatic action. It is a heavy construction that has made it a very durable gun. This gun is made in 1:1 scale to make it fit in any real holster design for a P99. Overall compact effect is there with for price, durability, and operation that have made it among the best.

This gun is very simple, but high-performing. It lacks some more attractive features available in the costly varieties. But its simplicity has brought it an image that it will be a bit more reliable than other contemporaries.


  • The pistol is featured with a Metal slide that gives it an additional strength
  • A good kick is realized during opening of the barrel to make the shoot more effective
  • There is no wastage of CO2 attaining a great gas mileage
  • The great weight is used to effectuate high usability and applicability
  • The barrel is enough sophisticated so as not to leak gas while loading CO2 cartridges


  • The gun is seen to slide back on particular occasion especially during shooting at initial stage
  • Cartridges replacement is a bit difficult too

6. WG Airsoft Full Metal M 1911 Gas CO2 Hand Gun Pistol

WG Airsoft Full Metal M 1911 Gas CO2 Hand Gun Pistol

CO2 pistols are doing well for all serious Airsoft pistols. And CO2 Airsoft pistol has best credential with the CO2 WG Non-Blowback Sport 1911 Airsoft Gun. It has a Firepower level of 500 FPS. The durable configuration has made this gun feel solid and impart a realistic weight. The CO2 WG Sport 1911 fires in semi-automatic level and it is featured with a working hammer thus making it one of the most realistic Airsoft guns. It is equipped with a detachable magazine that holds 16 rounds and housed in 12 gm CO2 cartridges.

This model contains an adjustable hop-up system that the trajectory can be adjusted to several different weights of BBs. Thus, while considering a great CO2 gun then it will be great to get the CO2 WG Non-Blowback Sport 1911 Airsoft Gun now. This product was constructed with a range of metal parts to include laser etched side. This is fitted with an adjustable rear sight. The railed framing, though not built up with metal but ABS is quite sturdy to feel with.

The velocity is so high that the BBS breaks on impact, thus breaking the glass and skin. Thus, it is safe to not put metal BBS or pellets in these guns. Every part is fully accomplished but the grips on the handle.


  • This gun has a Firepower level of 500 FPS
  • The magazine has a capacity of 16 rounds making it use for a longer stretch
  • The rear sight is also adjustable for a perfect vision while shooting
  • The full metal construction has opened up for a high durability
  • The product is offered at a great economical price


  • Complaint about improper functioning of blowback slide while firing
  • Slide lock does not work properly when out of BBS

7. KJW Model-603m9ptp Gas/CO2 Blowback Full Metal

KJW Model-603m9ptp Gas/CO2 Blowback Full Metal

This product involves a package with Green Gas Magazine. If the customer wants to buy CO2 magazine for guns, they will need to search for appropriate links. This product is one of the KJW's newest releases that are equipped with the best features you'll like to see in a pistol. It is having the immense power, light trigger pull, accuracy and reliability. This product is full metal and CO2 ready.

It has a hi-capacity and railed frame; equipped with best ever TanioKoba upgraded grip and fully reinforced internal and external parts. This pistol is known for better performance. But besides performance, the look and feel is also rated a top notch. All this have combined to make this pistol one of the best purchase about gas pistols Airsoft training and simulation.

This gun is very loud when fired. Still, it has fair air consumption. Its Blow Back is crisp and strong, but inevitably not the strongest from KJW.


  • The product has a High-pressure propellant. It induces better running in cold weather
  • The propellant also assures that the gun will run with smoothness
  • The product is characterized with higher FPS as a consequence of light trigger pull
  • CO2 capsules make more efficient use of cartridges
  • The metal construction has made the product highly durable


  • CO2 capsules are of the same price and that indicates dearness when you need to pay for every cartridge
  • These capsules are particularly unsightly and near indestructible form

8. KWA NS2 M93r PTP Airsoft Pistol Gas Blowback

KWA NS2 M93r PTP Airsoft Pistol Gas Blowback

Top tactical trainers had helped to induce this product. This M93R TACTICAL PTP pistol is featured with a KWA NS2 gas system to facilitate delivery of powerful blow back action. Such blow back action adds practicality to any firearm training. The safety means is covered for assuring safety principles and these principles can be integrated into training exercises. All the basic field servicing is at par to their firearm counterparts. To help the development of muscle memory, every PTP model is perfectly duplicate the actual weight in terms of balance for a firearm with a fully loaded magazine.

All the features of M93R Tactical PTP has found normal on the standard M9 PTP. However, there are additions like the MIL-SPEC folding vertical support, magazine with higher capacity, long barrel and 3 round bursting capacity. The slide is constructed with high quality alloy steel. Outer barrel of M93R is constructed with high impact polymer. This is due to its impact resistance property and self-lubricating feature.

This gun may suffer a jam if it is required to fire fast as the polymer barrel gets chewed up by the slide. It is also worth to mention that the stock has wobbly motion. And this is an excellent product for minimalists.


  • This gun is blessed with an inbuilt Hard Kick for an airsoft product of this type
  • The Blow Back action is extremely powerful and always loud and crisp
  • There are flawless functionality found in this gun
  • The slide is constructed with high quality alloy steel. This imparts additional strength to the gun
  • The outer barrel is constructed with High impact Polymer. This imparts extra solidity to the product


  • The price is quite high – such is some complaints against the product
  • Extra magazines are also expensive as is reported
  • There is a change in FPS most frequently

9. WE Hi-Capa 7 Dragon Silver Gas/CO2 Blowback

WE Hi-Capa 7 Dragon Silver Gas/CO2 Blowback

When you are looking for Get ready serious Airsoft gun, the WE Dragon 404LS 5.1 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol will always be at your service. This gun is green gas powered that is constructed with complete metal. This full metal construction imparts the product with the heavy weight of a real gun. This pistol has blowback features too. This implies that the slide will move back and forth while you will be firing with it; it is a replication of the behavior of a real pistol.

The adjustable hop up and adjustable rear sights are the properties of the product that help you in improving accuracy. This semi-automatic gun is seen to be equipped with a 28 round magazine, and it has a high-range FPS of 335 with .20g BBs.

There are complaints about the seal at the gas oust. There were even accuses that the seal was leaked at first use and it was needed to replace. The company is working hard in improving the situation.


  • The product is blessed with very good FPS and accurate ranges
  • The 7 inches length of the product which has made its a cool in attitude
  • The blowback features makes the slide move back and fro while firing. It makes the process easy
  • The adjustable hop up and rear sights help in improving accuracy


  • The magazine feeds are sometimes found inconsistent
  • The product comes with a threaded barrel insertion. By use of a silencer, the effect can be minimized

10. Black Ops 1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

Black Ops 1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

This BB is a replica of a classic gun, the .45 but the only difference is that this one works with gas blowback tactics. It has an integrated hop which is totally adjustable and the gun comes with a chrome finish. This certainly makes it look realistic and gives you the pleasure of using an air gun for fun with the feel of a real gun! It is semi-automatic and has an eighteen round magazine in case you were interested in its capacity. In simple words, this air gun is an innovative version of a timeless model that makes it a special BB to possess. We have discussed it in details in this section, so keep reading if you want know more.

The only problem that you may face while using this gun is the magazine may not be easy to load because the springs are bit difficult to work. Apart from this, it is hard to point out any further downside of this air gun.


  • Has a better lifespan owing to its full metallic build
  • The blowback makes it accurate with premium 6mm .20g ammo
  • Enjoy authentic feel with a replica
  • It has a precision and comes with dual safety
  • Has a functioning slide that makes it certainly adds to your shooting experience


  • Careless handling can damage the gun forever, which means you must be watchful with this BB
  • Replacement take a while and you may have to wait on your substitution

Things to consider before buying Best Airsoft Pistol

Any game lover planning to get a new airsoft gun must consider some important factors before any purchase. Some Newbies who are always eager to experiment new things also need to exercise patience and carefully consider some factor before they invest in any airsoft handgun.

When these factors are taken into account, the chances of buying wrong products is extremely low. Here are some of the vital points all airsoft game player must consider before they choose any airsoft gun.

Your Niche

A player must consider the nature of his Airsoft field before he decides to buy a gun. For instance, An indoor player needs to consider a handgun that can easily permit him to maneuver the tight spots in his niche. Also, it's necessary for indoor players to buy a gun with less than 350 FPS: This is the recommended limit for indoor games.

On the other hand, a handgun with 400-450 FPS will be suitable for outdoor players. It's also important for the outdoor field players to consider the gun size when choosing one of top Airsoft guns. Larger guns are quite essential in the outdoor event; it helps to produce a realistic shooting effects.


Your budget should also be considered when planning to get an airsoft gun. This can be done in two ways: you can purchase a good starter gun for the purpose of upgrading the gun in the future or buy the actual gun itself. When funds are limited, starter guns can be purchased and upgraded later since the rifle has good externals.

Airsoft Position

This is an essential question every field player must carefully evaluate. Airsoft rifles are made for different positions. Each position has its specification. An airsoft player must be able to determine his preferred position before any purchase.

Airsoft Power

You also need to consider the gun's energy source and some other important feature before you buy it. For example, the Automatic Electric gun is specifically made for beginners. These guns are powered by batteries.It uses gearbox and motor to fire BBS. Automatic electric guns are mostly characterized by a single shot, semi-automatic, and fully automatic firing modes. Also, their FPS are in various forms. However, they mostly fall within the range of 150-650. A higher percentage of these guns FPS are within 250 -450 FPS.

A few years ago, the automatic electric guns were majorly powered by NiCad 8.4v batteries. However, the new updates have encouraged the use of lithium polymer batteries for generating power for the gun. The batteries are durable and their charging time is extremely fast. 

Also, some rifles are the spring powered type. These guns utilize the energy that was stored in a compressed spring. It compels the air in a pump and further pushes the BB forward. Spring-powered guns are quite easy to use and maintain. They work under any weather conditions. The spring powered rifles, however, have their shortcoming; they shoot one BB at a time: they are cocked for each shot.

The spring powered airsoft is highly recommended for snipers. They are one of the most accurate airsoft guns you can find on the market today. The high-end spring powered rifles are generally acceptable by snipers because they shoot one BB at a time. Even though the rifles are stronger than the electric guns, the gas powered airsoft guns still rule the market.

The popular airsoft guns on the market today are the gas pistol and the gas powered bolt action rifles. Since the mechanism size of the electric guns is quite large, most pistols are designed to use gas. This is because the gas mechanisms are more condensed and suited for the smaller-sized pistol. Gas powered gun can also produce blowback for its users.

A gas gun with blowback easily expels gases and push the BB down the barrel. The slide also moves back when this action is taken. This action, however, produces a realistic feeling: it shoots like a real pistol. The blowback also loads the subsequent bb after a shot.

One special thing about the blowback system is that they provide realism. It should, however, be noted that guns with blowbacks are more expensive than other guns. They have more moving parts that can break easily. The gun also requires more maintenance.


Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tac Gen3

The Umarex Elite Force 1911 tac gen3 airsoft pistol is an excellent backup pistol for any airsoft game addicts. It's one of the best airsoft pistols Umarex has ever produced. This handgun type is what every airsoft game player can't afford to miss. However, its spare parts are however scarce.

ASG CZ P-09 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol

The build quality of ASG CZ P-09 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol is great; Full metal, long-lasting, and admirable. They produce the right results, they are easy to use, and Users can fire with just a trigger pull.

KJW Model-616 KP06

The KJW Model-616 KP06 is one of KJW's newest release with the best features you'll ever look for in a pistol. Its power, light trigger pull, accuracy, reliability, high capacity, railed frame can't be underestimated. Though the pistol was designed very realistically, it’s quite expensive.

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