How to Hit 52 Core 300 Compression Softballs Out of the Park

52 core 300 compression softballs

In recent years, one of the most common and frequently asked questions in the world of baseball has been how to hit 52 core 300 compression softballs. Baseball is the national sport of America, and there are not many souls out there in our world who do not know the game. One of its many formats is the softball format, and one of the most popular softball leagues is the Allen Sports Association League or ASA League. Until a few years back, the ASA League used a softball that had a 44 core and 375 compression. However, in the autumn of 2012, the league modified its rules, particularly in the way bats and balls were tested and used. One of the changes allowed the use of the new 52 core 300 compression softballs. This change completely radicalized the ASA circuit and raised the all-important question of how to hit a 52 core 300 compression into the stands.

The newer 52 core 300 compression softball is much more bouncy than its predecessor. As a ball, its higher core value gives it more spring and elasticity, and it thus has a higher recoil velocity off a stationary obstacle. This rule change was brought about in order to make the ASA League similar to the USSSA League and find common ground for the bats used. ASA’s aim was to have the ball flex more than the bat, and this, in turn, allowed new bats to enter the ASA fray. These changes heralded newer bats, newer batting technology, newer batting techniques and an overall different feel to the league. It is generally agreed that these changes have made ASA bats hotter, and scoring home runs have become easier. Nevertheless, a few nuggets of wisdom on how to hit that 52 core 300 compression softball into row Z can never go astray.

Most people underestimate how hard it is to hit a home run that you can hit so easily in baseball, in softball as well. In the ASA slowpitch softball, the ball comes at you at a much slower pace. You may be a herculean power-hitter, but even Arnold Schwarzenegger’s force isn’t going to be enough for the same distance in softball. In softball, the crucial factor is bat speed. The factor that determines how far you are going to send that ball is not how hard you swing, but rather how fast you swing. Get your swing speed up and you can quickly get more distance to your blows. Choose lightweight, aerodynamic bats which have minimal resistance and lightning fast swing speeds. This will give you the ability to blister the .52/300 for miles.

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When swinging, keep your wrists loose and free and your shoulders relaxed. Await the ball’s arrival and then launch a swing, not from your lower back, but from your hips. This will give your swing maximum momentum for an increased bat velocity. Having an ample hitting zone with a large sweet spot is a great benefit of the bat. Regarding how to hit the 52 core 300 compression softballs, getting height can be difficult. Hitting the ball with a slight upper-cut can address this problem, and send the ball soaring. Some of the best ASA softpitch bats out this year are the 2016 DeMarini Flipper OG, the DeMarini Juggy OG, Louisville Slugger Super Z4000 and the Easton Salvo. All these are lightweight bats with minimal resistant for maximum swing speed. They also have large handles to give hitters that extra torque in their swings.

Light and fast is an order of the day when it’s about how to hit the 52 core 300 compression softball. Ever since the ASA League changed their rules to use the 52 core 300 compression balls, hitting home-runs has been on everybody’s minds. These jumpy balls do a lot of the work, and so with the right bats and the proper technique, you can easily let fly on one of these softballs. As any good hitter will tell you, you have to match your swing’s speed and timing to get the best hit, but perhaps, this is even more important in softball. A properly timed hit on the .52/300, with a fast swing momentum, will send the ball soaring for miles. Be sure to identify the sweet spot of your bat, and try to get your contact just before the ball crosses the home plate. This will give the hit the most force and speed.

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How to Hit 52 Core 300 Compression Softballs - Final Words

In late 2012, the ASA League for softball adapted their rules, which incorporated a ball change. The new, bouncier 52 core 300 compression softballs were to be used, to allow for hotter bats as well as more ball flex. Batters have brought new techniques into the fore to hit these balls out of the park. Bat speed has taken center-stage, with light bats that are able to generate blistering swing speeds being the most effective. Batting techniques have changed slightly to get more velocity, rather than force into the swings. A slight uppercut has been added too, with the aim of getting more height on the hits. A little does go a long way with the .52/300, but proper training and practice are required to master the batting techniques required to dominate the ASA courses.

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